Training in surgical environments through Holographic Reality

Our project consists of the development of a Training Platform for surgical environments using virtual and mixed reality for the simulation of hyper-realistic scenarios, incorporating technologies such as artificial intelligence, to extract valuable information from the development of these practices. 

Surgical training environments have special characteristics compared to other training environments, in which many healthcare professionals, monitoring devices and, of course a patient, must be involved. All this means that a training course has a great cost in resources and requires very detailed planning. 

With our project it will be possible to obtain significant savings by being able to virtualize people and devices. Our challenge will be the creation of ultra-realistic training scenarios that, together with existing physical elements, will allow a significant improvement in the training processes carried out. 

It will have a layer of artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop different roadmaps to be able to adapt the training practice to the level of each specialist, and to be able to foresee the consequences of the actions. This technique would be similar to what is used in aerial simulators, but here the eye-hand coordination will be solved by means of advanced techniques