Andy eCare

Andy is a software platform that interacts directly with patients, their portable devices, data sources and databases, acting as a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT who learns and improves the decision-making process.

Andy works in the HEALTH environment, helping patients with reminders and information, solving their doubts without overloading professionals in time or effort, scalable to multiple specialties: Pediatric advice, Adherence to treatment, Pre and post-operative follow-up, etc.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Integrated and unique interface
  • Appointments reminder
  • Medication intakes and tests preparation Alerts
  • Able to manage sensors to monitor chronic diseases
  • Management of medical tests documentation
  • Help for people with disabilities: it could open/close elements within home through voice recognition

Andy eCare is a pilot project using technologies like Mixed Reality and Machine Learning. Our Artificial Intelligence engine in the cloud allows us to integrate our technology in different devices and platforms.