My Value On my Safe surgery (MVOS)

This solution was the result of a Design Thinking seminar, promoted by SENSAR, where surgeons and anesthesiologists expressed their worries about the fact that patients do not understand their instructions and do not assume their responsibility either. Provided that an innovative approach could face these challenges, the MVOS Project came up with the goal of raising the patient’s awareness of the importance of their engagement on their own safety throughout the pre- and post-operative process. Therefore, MVOS is a co-designed solution driven by health workers. Also, health professionals will continue closely participating, providing advice, support and confirmation throughout the Project process. As a result, MVOS will help to overcome and fulfill a real life need, clearly expressed by health professionals. The final users have been involved since the beginning on the Project, to ensure that the application characteristics matched their needs.


In essence MVOS is a set of tools to involve and to engage patients with their scheduled surgical procedures. To this end, there are two different general goals to achieve:

On one hand, making patients to become aware of the importance of their commitment through the pre-operative process. It can be considered as a pre-operative educational program, that will provide key concepts about surgery and the anesthesia security, in order to motivate their active participation in the process. (It is proved that he pre-operative educational programs have reduced the stay length, the use of post-operative medications, the complications and the anxiety).
On the other hand, it provides an easy to use medical application that will allow patients to actively participate in their preparatory time. The app will provide a specific verification list, easy to use, with all the steps they must follow, for example, the tests they must take, diet requirements, etc. Besides, all these necessary steps will be linked to an alarm system, to avoid possible omissions.