eOrchard Pistachio

Focused on the improvement of crops integral management, the Project eOrchard Pistachio, developed by the Slovenian organization Elmibit and GeneticAI, has been awarded on the DIATOMIC Open Call, financed by the European Union, among other 85 European projects (Grant No. 761809)

By means of the use of sensors and IoT technology (Internet of Things), helping on the decision making:

  • Analyze crops humidity and temperature
  • Report on the amount of water and compost level the crops have at any moment, cold snaps or heat waves, irrigation failures
  • Reduce irrigation frequency up to 20%-30%
  • Optimize phytosanitary treatments of pests control
  • Access the information on real time through mobile devices for decisions making
  • Improve product traceability
  • Helps on the correct fulfillment of the current regulation