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GeneticAI is a OneHealth company, our solutions and services aim to care for the health of people, animals and the environment. Since our foundation, our projects have been focused on making a significant impact.


  • 2018: Foundation
  • 2019: MVOS Platform (My Value On my Safe surgery)
  • 2019: eOrchard Platform Precision Farming, for the improvement of fruit crops and sustainable water use, developed with Slovenian partner
  • 2020: TrasRenal pilot with Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, for treatment adherence in kidney transplant patients
  • 2021: Predispark hardware and software platform for dysphagia rehabilitation
  • 2022: AcroCrop platform for crop protection against frost using autonomous drones, developed with European partnerss
  • 2023: Gwydion platform for Health and Industry 4.0 training, using AI and Holographic Reality
  • 2023: DestekPro platform for remote maintenance using Augmented Reality to reduce carbon footprint
  • 2023: Stap2Go platform for training children with ADHD and adults with attention problems

We have the support of different public and private entities, as well as private investors, which allows us to introduce services and solutions of great social value to the market.

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